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who am I? well i do not know....maybe i'll find it in a 100 years or so...

what am I? easy answer many would say...but the reality is : i realy do not know...maybe you can show me the way!

what can I do ? to help you i do not know, i can't help even myself but i'll try !

as you can see i'm pretty uncertain about life... but i guess is all about it...life is nice strange and . . .well that's enough for now...see you next time!

stuff written from my own experience...life ain't just roses and love...life is dirty and sometimes very strange


This is me, nothing funcy, just me plain and easy....
Name : Cosmin Cioranu

Student at "Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu, Romania, Computer Science, 2nd year.


I will finish this site as soon as my exam session is finished.... wish me luck.



PS: Special Thanks To Danyele (she is great)

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